Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goats vs. Cows?

Happy 19 weeks, Baby!

This bump is shaped much differently than Ayden's.
Higher and wider maybe? So interesting how that can happen!
Here I am at 20 weeks pregnant with Ayden...
(the last time we were visiting up this way, actually!)
We went up to see the mama goats and the barn today.  We watched them being milked and my sister gave us a tour of the milking parlor, her new commercial kitchen and the goat house. 

She has recently become certified by her state to make and sell goat cheese and it was really neat to see everything that she's added to her operation since my last visit when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Ayden.  

We also helped with a couple of the baby goat feedings again today too!

Ayden took initiative today!  He saw us feeding the babies and got his own bottle out of the bucket and started feeding one too.  He said, "Look, Mommy!  I doin' it!"  He was so proud.

We have been considering adding a couple of dairy goats to our homestead within the next couple of years so it was great to see a working operation and to have someone so close to me who can be a great resource.  My sister has 18 Nubian mama goats (she's still waiting on 6 of them to kid, with an average of 2 kids each).  We would only want 2 or 3 depending on how many  of our family would be interested in sharing the milk with us.  After seeing how smoothly she runs things with as many as she has, I totally think we could handle a couple of our own.  We still have a little bit of research to do to make sure that we would want goats instead of a dairy cow.  As with anything, there are pros and cons to both scenarios and luckily we have a couple of years to figure it all out.  

Anyone have anything we can add to our pros and cons list for dairy cow vs. dairy goats??


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  1. I think goats would be awesome. I love goat milk/cheese, although pricy. I prefer to give my daughter goat products over cow.:-) you look great. I truly feel it is a girl, especially the way you are carrying it. Good luck

  2. Oh I miss you on YouTube! I think adding goats is a wonderful idea :)

  3. Goats' milk is so much healthier!
    But good luck - with anything you choose at the end!:)