Monday, April 7, 2014

Counting And Resets

We had a pretty standard Monday over here. Unless we are sick or out of town our Mondays consist of play group from 10ish to 12ish, then we come home for lunch and nap/housework, then we are off to the studio for some office work from about 2:30ish to 4:30ish. When we get home we get dinner started and eat it around 5:30 when David gets home. Though we had a good day, it really wasn't too exciting...

I'll take the opportunity on this dull Monday to document some new things that Ayden has developed recently:

1) When he is upset, instead of his typical toddler tantrum he now runs to the bottom step of our staircase and lays on it with his face in his hands. After a couple of minutes he gets up and has totally reset himself. He comes back and happily accepts whatever ultimatum or circumstance that we presented which upset him in the first place. This isn't 100% of the time but definitely the majority of the time. We will happily take his newfound, tantrum-free ability to self regulate!

2) When we are giving Ayden a special treat, like raisins or mini chocolate chips, we usually just give him 5 or so. When he asks for them he tries to get us to give him more by saying, "I need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..." And will continue to count all the way up to 26 (skipping a few numbers along the way like 14 and 23). He is so serious and even sometimes borderline crying when he does it but it is so darn cute. We still only give him 5, which usually leads to the new development described in #1 but it is hard not to chuckle at him as he's counting his little heart out. 

3) I hear the phrase, "Hey Mommy.  Listen uh me!" more times a day than I can count...

4) When it rains, he sings, "It's Raining, It's Pouring" to the best of his ability at the top of his lungs.  He even did this on the airplane during our trip and got an applause from other passengers.

5) I called him a fruit monster a few days ago and he said: "No mommy, I a boy."

6) He takes his old keyboard that I got him at the GoodWill and asks: "What's a nice name?"  We say a word and he says, "Oh, okay!" and hunts for the letter the word starts with.  Because of this game he now knows most of the capital alphabet.

7) He tells us to keep our hands to ourselves when we try to tickle him, even though he loves it.  He takes after me and my love hate relationship with being tickled I suppose...

8) He is beginning to understand the concept of gifts and being grateful.  When I set up his pack n' play in NY I told him it was his bed and he said, "Oh thank you mommy!"  He did the same thing today when I bought him a turtle sandbox.  He also points out birthday and Christmas gifts and says, "So-and-so gave me that."

I'm sure there are more things that we want to remember before he grows out of them but it's all David and I could come up with at the moment.  As his language develops and his mind races to understand the world, he just gets cuter and cuter!  Though this age can be taxing at times, it really is a special time.

Is your toddler doing anything especially amazing these days that you hope to remember for always?


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  1. This makes me appreciate all the little things Mallory says and does ... they truly are so so so adorable.

  2. My Ax does the same thing with his name. If anyone refers to him as a monkey, boy, etc. he replies with I'm Axle! It's too cute!

  3. Ayden is simply the cutest! I love that he is "self-regulating" his temper tantrums.

    I have a question for you. As a fellow pregnant lady who is trying but failing to maintain a primarily paleo diet, how are you doing with your diet? I know you mentioned somewhere that you were being a little more lax, so I'm just curious how you're doing with it now and how you're feeling!