Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 Happy Things: Home Is Where My Honey Bee

I was TIRED today. Logan is in  the stormy period for his Events developmental leap. During the day the only difference has been not being content on his own for as long. This hasn't been a big deal because once I get him into a wrap he's as content as can be. The issue has been with night wakings. He still wakes every 3-4 hours when he's not in a leap but it usually consists of quietly wiggling in his sleep just enough to wake me and then I get him latched on before he even realizeds he's hungry. Then we both go back to sleep. He doesn't wake David or Ayden at all and I even get back to sleep quickly enough to not be phased the next day. The past week has been a different story. He's been waking much more often and doesn't even really want to nurse. He goes from quiet to fussy quickly and carries on long enough for it to wake David. Ayden luckily sleeps through pretty much everything these days and isn't effected by it. Anyway, after several nights of this, paired with me staying up too late, it is catching up with me. I walked in circles for most of the day and counted down the minutes until nap time so I could get some rest myself. Though we are well aware that this "stormy" period is hardly even that stormy, we are still looking forward to getting our predictable, quiet sleeper back! 4 days and counting...

Now I shall end this post with today's 5 Happy Things: 

1) These gifts I was given that hang on the side of the cabinet that holds our honey!

2) The AMAZING snuggles this boy gave me when he woke from his morning nap.

3) The layers in homemade spice blends.
Not sure why but it works for me...

4) Studio Fun:

4) These BOYS!

Haha, Logan's face.

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  1. I did a 5 happy things post the other day because I love the concept!