Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Happy Things: Birthday Mail

1) Logan made it through his 4 month sleep regression and is back to sleeping like a champ!

2) There was enough sunshine today to bleach some diapers and 3-6 month clothing spitup stains.

3) Mail for the birthday boy

4) Muddy fun at the dog park.

5) As always, my sweet boys!

We've really made some progress with Ayden's behavior.  That combined with Logan's predictable sleeping patterns returning makes things pretty happy right now indeed.  

In chicken news, I went out to check on the girls this morning and the one with the bloody foot was still bleeding.  I could see that one of her claws was not pointing in the direction that it should so she's hanging out in a small dog kennel in our bathroom for a couple of days while we doctor the wound.  We want to make sure it doesn't get infected so having her inside allows me to get to her easily and should cut down on bacterial exposure (at least that's what my parrot expert friend told me...). Once the wound is scabbed over we can return her to the coop and we were warned that she would most likely lose that nail.  Not a huge deal but it still makes us even more aggravated with that opossum. She's eating and drinking and enjoying the extra warmth.  I have a feeling that she'll be just fine.  David closed the chickens up early so no more excitement tonight at least.

What are your 5 happy things for today?  List them below!


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