Friday, January 16, 2015

Doing The Deed

Get your mind out of the gutter...  Logan got all dressed up in a tie today because we had a meeting with a lawyer. 

To sign the deed for our land!!!
{it is my AMAZING early inheritance}

We are officially land owners. Woohoo!!! 

And speaking of our land, now that the retaining wall is finished (enough) our excavator came today and finished backfilling!

Now just picture a porch going all the way across the front.
(The next step along with plumbing)

 If all of that didn't make today good enough. The sun was out and it was actually kind of warm for January so after the boys both took 2 hour naps, we got outside. 

And here are a few video clips from our day:

Now that Logan has mastered rolling from belly to back and has even rolled form back to belly a few times, I skipped the swaddle and put him to sleep on his tummy for nap and his first sleep stretch (while David and I are still awake) and he has slept MUCH better!  I am a belly sleeper by preference and I think he must be too.  He had been waking up for that 45 minute intruder, when a person transitions from one sleep cycle to the other, and would end up crying because of his swaddle.  He was ready to be free!!  At night, once I am in bed, we sleep on our sides (belly to belly) most of the night though one or both will occasionally roll away from the other onto our backs. Anyway, I'm just glad to have found something to help him get back to his longer naps and first stretch of sleep at night when I am having my "me time."

We have an exciting birthday party weekend in store. We are going to our friends' little girl's party tomorrow and then we have Ayden's party on Sunday.


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  1. Do you co sleep with Logan at night or is he in the pack & play? I've been throwing around the idea of co sleeping with our Logan (4 mos) because he wakes so much during the night in his own crib.

    1. I have had him in bed with me from day one. It is so much easier! We do a few extra things to make sure he is safe. You can email me at if you want to hear any more about it :). Hang in there, mama. Night wakings sure are tough.

  2. Please stop promoting stomach sleeping as a solution to sleep problems. The AAP says to fine once a child chooses that position on their own but until that back is best. If you choose to take risks with your son's life that is your call. However you have a lot of readers and I don't want them to take the same risks without full knowledge.

    1. I totally agree that back is best and he had slept on his back up until this and still does whenever I can't be around to keep a close eye on him.

      The only thing I promote is a mother's right to follow her gut to best meet the needs of her baby (even if it does go against a blanket recommendation). As his mother, I felt he was ready to sleep like this for a couple of hours and he really needed that uninterrupted sleep.

      I'd also like to add that I am a very good mother, I love my sons and I take very good care of them. There was absolutely no life risking involved here and I do not appreciate that accusation.

    2. MusingNaturalMama was trying to help save a child, whether it be yours or anothers by sharing valid information, she was NOT attacking you and your reply is showing very clearly your true character of being spiteful, petty and cold-hearted.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Lovely post! Congrats on the land ownership and thanks for the video. I loved Ayden's dance at the end!