Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Making Appointments

My last tooth cleaning was scheduled for late July. Then, our dentist closed before that appointment came and we had to find a new dentist. Of course in the midst of being super pregnant, building the house and an otherwise busy Summer schedule I never got around to making an appointment with a new dentist before Logan came. Then, Logan came and that's all I need to say about why I didn't make it between then and now. Needless to say, I was well overdue for a dental check up and cleaning. 

This boy is all about brushing his teeth these days!
He brushes first (and is getting pretty good) and then we get a turn.
We also have to tell him very specific and elaborate stories while we brush.
David had an appointment yesterday and took it upon himself to set up an appointment for me since I can't seem to make the time to take care of my self in this way. He even called his mom and made arrangements for her to come sit with the boys while I had my X-rays, exam and cleaning. The appointment was long since it was my first time there and I'm so grateful I didn't have to manage the boys while in the chair... She's a great grandma and mother-in-law.

Snuggled up and ready to go!
I was pretty shocked to hear that I didn't have any new cavities!  Every visit I've had since I became pregnant with Ayden, they have found at least one cavity despite my efforts to prevent them. When I told my midwife this during one of my early prenatal appointments with Logan, she suggested I start taking a calcium/magnesium supplement. I have continued to take it, along with my prenatal and DHA, and it must be helping because let's face it... there have been days since becoming a mother of two where I have forgotten to brush my teeth altogether, let alone floss and brush diligently twice a day. 

I do, however, have to go back Tuesday to have my latest two fillings repaired because they are "leaking."  I suppose they are not doing their job and the cavities they are supposed to be filling are still growing behind the fillings. Bummer. 

David was going to be getting home late and we had plans for him to meet us at my parents' house for dinner with my dad at 7 tonight. There wasn't enough time to go home before dinner but too much time to go straight there. Since we had some time to kill, we walked to a nearby grocery store and picked up a few things. Since we were getting so little I let Ayden walk on his own. I even let him lead me around the store for little while which he thought was super fun. When it was time to check out, I gave him jobs. He got the items out of the bottom of Logan's stroller, helped me scan them, and put them into the bags. He even helped me swipe my debit card. I let him pick out a special snack and he was so excited he carefully carried the carton all the way to the car and held on to it all the way home. 

He was SUCH a good boy today and I can not help by think it is not a coincidence. I have been reading Raising Your Spirited Child and that has changed my attitude which I am positive has changed his behavior for the better. The power of a positive twist for a challenge in my life really is amazing! A perfect example of why I like to keep things positive when I write here on the blog. I can't wait to read and learn even more about staying connected and understanding our big boy. 

Speaking of big boys... Look at how much this boy has grown.  

He'll be 4 months old on Friday.

He'll start eating solids in TWO MONTHS.
I'm really trying not to dwell on how fast this is passing me by.

Dinner was great and the boys went to bed late because I had sheets to out back on our bed and David was catching the end of the UK game on the radio. He has been working so hard for us on house related research and he deserved a little time to decompress and enjoy the game.  I got the boys ready for bed while he listened and then he joined us for books and tucking in. 

I have been trying to stay ahead of the game for prepping for Ayden's birthday party but I think I'm going to get a little extra sleep tonight. I have been so tired!  

Are you good at making appointments for taking care of yourself? I haven't had a hair trim since I was about 37 weeks pregnant with Logan. That is next on my priority list!

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  1. I put "Raising Your Spirited Child" and also "Taming Your Spirited Child" on hold at my library and am really looking forward to reading them! My 2.5 year old son is very "spirited" and at 26 weeks pregnant, sometimes I want a minute to myself and he's not used to that. I have realized lately that when he acts out, he had previously asked for attention and I was "too busy." I'm making an effort of not doing more than one thing myself at a time so it's easier to give him attention when he really needs it. Two nights ago, my husband and I were in the kitchen and realized that he'd been playing quietly by himself for a few minutes. He is like Ayden, he just wants us to be right by his side, even when he's playing by himself. And this morning when we were making breakfast, our son was being quiet and we assumed that he was doing something "naughty." But he was sitting in his little sofa chair watching TV! I think giving him undivided attention a few times a day really does make an effort!