Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 4 Months, Logan!

Happy 4 months to our little one!

Likes: Mommy, smiling at Daddy, watching and listening to everything about Ayden, being held by anyone, baths, kicking his little feet like crazy when he is diaper free, being tickled, kisses all over, blowing raspberries, music of any kind, being worn in wraps, holding our arm while we change his diaper:

Pulling anything and everything he can to his mouth, watching Maverick and life itself. 

Dislikes: getting bopped by Ayden (Ayden is usually great with him but it happens), red lights when he's trying to fall asleep in the car, being tired/hungry/poopy. He's still easy to please. 

As far as delopement goes, he can roll from belly to back, though he does not do it often. 

Get ready for it...

And over he goes!
He's so content to be wherever he is that he's just not very motivated to work on such skills. He loves to "stand" and bounce when we hold him and uses his arms to try and pull himself to sitting by grabbing the toy bar in his bouncy seat. He likes to be held upright and is almost ready to be a hip sitter when we hold him.  He has great aim when grasping things and he'll give an object a look for a minute then into his mouth it goes!

Socially he is all smiles and coos. He LOVES to be around people and he is very generous with his smiles.  He watches everyone and everything intently and if you tickle him he laughs and squeals like crazy.  He also loves his brother very much.  If he hears Ayden's voice he will do whatever it takes to find him and watch him.  Ayden also loves making Logan smile and is always trying to do it!

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This little one is also a quiet observer.  He is quick to give a smile but when he is watching and learning his face is still and angelic.  He's just taking it all in.

These past 4 months have really gone by so fast.  Though I know I live in the moment as much as I can, when I look back a lot of it is kind of a blur. 

Read about what Logan was doing at 3 Months here!

And as always, I will leave you with Mr. Logan's 4 month interview.


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  1. Wow, really impressive pictures and so organized. I started cloth diapers with my daughter when she was a year old, and now she is 20 months and I use them 50%. They smell like ammonia so bad and reak so bad that I use them sparingly now. Not as easy. are little boys harder in cloth diapers. I imagine boys pee much more so I suppose you need to change them often.

    1. Thank you! I've been pulling out my nice camera a little more these days and I think it's so worth it!! This blog and Facebook are what make it easy for me to pull out comparison photos. I save them to my phone and use photo stitch type apps to put them all together and add text. As far as your diapers go... I had the same problem after Ayden turned a year old. I think their urine changes or just the higher amount cause issues with the diapers. I finally did a dawn strip, a soak in Rock n Green's Funk Rock ammonia bouncer and then a RLR strip and all of that combined finally worked. I think I had to do so much because they got SO bad. If you do routine stripping shouldn't take as much. As far as boys being harder than girls I'm really not sure because I don't have experience with girls to compare to... Good luck!

  2. Have you tried stripping your diapers?