Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Words of affirmation is one of David's top love languages and for some reason I have the most difficult time saying the nice things I think out loud. Sometimes I write about how awesome I think he is on here but most of the time, I need help remembering. Just the simplest of complements can make his day and make him feel great about himself;  why is it so difficult for me to remember to serve him in this way?  So for Christmas when we decided to do the 4 gift Christmas (something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read) I remembered something I had pinned months ago. David had a difficult time thinking of ideas for a gift that he wanted so I took it upon myself to surprise him. I knew he needed more affirmations from me so I make him an affirmation board.

I have seen this same idea carried out by sticking some pretty paper in a photo frame and using dry erase markers and such and there's always the good old fashioned post it note stuck in a surprise place. There are many ways to leave words of affirmation around the house for your loved one to find. I chose a the wood slice idea because It matches David's style. He likes things made from natural materials and if they look rustic at all it is an added bonus. I wanted his affirmation board to appeal to him on as many levels as possible.  I pretty much followed the inspiration pin exactly. I bought a wood slice (I think the brand of wood slice was the same even. I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby). I already had chalkboard paint, a small eraser from one of Ayden's chalkboards and I had loaded up on Crayola chalk when it went on sale after school started. It really was the simplest DIY gift I've ever made I think and it keeps giving and giving to my sweet husband who deserves a thousand affirmations a day. 

Now this busy mama, who means well but is so often buried too deep in daily life to give her husband the amount of compliments she'd like, can do so every day at a time that is convient for her. It's a win win gift that just keeps on giving.

When he first opened it, I had written: "For affirmations. You're the best!"  David liked the look of it and had a good idea of what it meant but he wasn't overly excited about it just yet.  Now that I've been leaving little notes to him on it daily since Christmas, he has become a pretty big fan of his affirmations board and looks forward to coming home to whatever I have written for him that day. 

If your loved one has a words of affirmation love language and you just don't think to say things often enough, try finding a way to do it outside of the moment. I usually write David's while the boys are napping. When the house is quiet, my head is clear and I am often thinking of him. If you need some ideas to get you started, here is a pretty good list. I like to try and come up with original and specific things that are unique to David but if I ever draw a blank, the internet has plenty of suggestions. 

Is words of affirmation your love language?  What types of things do you like to hear?


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  1. My husband's love language is also Words of Affirmation and it is hard for me to remember to tell him things too. We have a little whiteboard on our fridge where I try to write daily (but at least weekly) affirmations for him. It's really hard to remember when you have different love languages. My number one is Acts of Service and at the very bottom of the list for me is Words of Affirmation so I have to really work hard to remember to affirm his feelings.