Friday, January 2, 2015

Big Boy Jobs

Ayden had an amazing day today. Actually, he has had pretty good days all the way through the Winter holidays. Even with the deviations from our routines, added sugar and super late bed times, he somehow managed to hold himself together and did not have any major meltdowns. He seems to escalate and escalate, peak, and then even out. Even if it is just for a little while before he starts escalating again. It makes me wonder if children continue to go through Wonder Week stormy periods throughout early childhood. If so, I'm sure there's a book on it and I should probably look into it...

This evening, after a late nap (we played at my sister's all morning and early afernoon), Ayden wanted to help me cook dinner. I gave him a big boy job and he took it very seriously. 

The more serious or real the job is, the longer it holds Ayden's attention and the more he enjoys himself.  He's ready to be trusted with big boy things. We need to remember that. 


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  1. Hello! I admire the lifestyle you and your family live. I was wondering what sort of vitamins you give your kids? Such as certain foods or a specific kids vitamin you purchase? Thank you! :)