Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Different World

Wow!  What a different world Logan is growing up in with a fast paced big bro around...

SOOO much to watch!

"Did you see THAT, mom?"

As fast paced as Ayden can be, he still takes time to slow down and show Logan the ropes. 

He always shares his favorite toys.
(for now at least ;)

It is all a part of what makes the correlation between birth order and personality so interesting. 

"Ummm... There's no milk coming out of here."
We had a SUPER lazy day today. We played hooky from story time and stayed in our PJs all day. We did a lot of playing and snuggling and I did some cleaning and sewing. Both boys took good naps at the same time and the whole day was just what the doctor ordered for all of us. We like to keep busy but sometimes we need a slow-paced day. No rushing to be anywhere on time and no specific agenda. It was very pleasant and rejuvenating.

Logan is in his four month sleep regression. Compared to what we have endured in the past it's still nothing I will complain about but I will say he had us pretty spoiled. I am hoping that good solid naps today and an earlier bedtime (he was asleep by 7 instead of 8) will at least help a little. Sleep begets sleep right? With mastering the rolling over milestone, becoming more involved in their environment (and therefore distractable during daytime feedings and needing to make up for missed calories at night), transitioning from newborn to normal sleeping patterns, shifting to one less nap during the day, and hitting a growth spurt, it's no wonder 4 month olds wake more frequently. Their little brains are processing SOOO much!  


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  1. 4 months was a hard one. My daughter woke so often. Wonder what it is about that month.