Saturday, January 3, 2015

Misty Picnic

We got to try out one of Logan's gifts from Santa at the farmer's market this morning. 

The Infantino Universal All Season Carrier Cover

I was so pleased that it worked with the Moby and it kept him really warm. I think it is a product worth buying (or asking Santa for) for any babywearing family! 

It was misty but not too cold so we sat and ate our chili Summer style and really enjoyed ourselves. 

We ran a few more errands after the farmer's market. David and his dad did some more work on our retaining wall and he was still gone when I got home.  I got the boys down for a late nap, tidied things up a bit and then we had friends over for pizza night. Our kiddos played and we talked. It was a perfect way to spend our Saturday night. 


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1 comment:

  1. California winters are so mild (at least where I live) that the Moby is enough coverage by itself! Plus both of my babies are/ will be April babies so the Moby actually can be too hot, haha.