Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanks A Lot

Ayden was feeling better today!  We missed story time, and therefore getting new books, yesterday so we had an outing to the library. 

He fell asleep seconds after I took this.
He gets SO serious when he's tired.
Also love the spit bubble :).

While I was on an "all things monster" pinning spree on Pinterest to get inspired for Ayden's monster party I found a pin that gave me an idea for the thank you cards.  I bought a 50 cent package of plain index cards and used an ink pad we already had to put a little Ayden thumb print on each one. 

Then I used a black felt tip, fine point marker to turn them into little monsters yelling, "THANKS!"  I used construction paper to cut out little balloons and glued them on with good ol' Elmer's school glue and that was it.  

I wrote the messages on the back and had Ayden sign his A on each one.  

He's still working on making the lines touch at the top and gets bummed when they turn out looking like H's.
I give him a dot to help him make his mountain.
When he looked at these he said they looked like dancers.  Haha.
I plan on making the envelopes out of cute scrap booking paper.  I found a tutorial that makes envelopes out of hearts that I'm going to try out.


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  1. I love the thank you note card cleaver and cute