Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sunshine Brothers

Today we got to play in a Pinterest inspired literacy bin!

And It went over really well. 

Ayden knows all of his letter names and a few letter sounds. He is showing a lot of interest in letters so I'm going to follow his interests and run with it. He's also showing interest in learning high frequency words. He has "the" down and can usually spot it on a page. Now we're hunting for "and" everywhere too. He has always loved books and is pretty excited about the thought of being able to read the words by himself. 

Here is a video of him working on his letters with me today.  It's mainly for us to look back on someday when he's a big reader so it's a little long but he's pretty cute if I do say so myself.  

As if wanting to learn isn't big boy enough, he's becoming a big helper with Logan. He's always bringing him toys and wanting to hold or talk to him. He has also started singing to him to help calm him down. We got home from dinner with friends this evening and Logan had fallen asleep in his car seat. When he woke up I was just on my way into the bathroom. I detoured to unbuckle Logan and lie him on the bed, then I ran to the bathroom really quick so I could be comfortable while I nursed him. Since Logan was beginning to cry, Ayden got up on the bed next to him, held his little hand and started singing "You Are My Sunshine" in the sweetest voice. 

It was the sweetest thing and actually worked!  Ayden was so proud that he was able to soothe his little brother and I think he fell a little more in love with him, as I'm pretty sure we all do everyday. 

David had a good amount of quality time with the boys today while I caught up on some housework and did some sewing. Weekends are pretty nice!

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