Thursday, January 1, 2015

Logan's Tree

The winning brother shot!
Getting this printed to frame this weekend!
We took our Christmas tree down today. Now we have added a Blue Spruce to our land.  I really love blue spruces. Their color is like a frosted green and they smell wonderful!  It will be a momento from Logan's first Christmas that will grow and be beautiful in our yard for years to come. It makes me wish we had started this back in 2012 for Aydens's first Christmas. I suppose we can call our tree from last year, his second Christmas, "Ayden's tree." 

Last year our trees (we planted three, one for us and one from each of our parents) were Norway Spruces and I think we'll go with a White Pine next year. They are a little hard to decorate (the long soft needles don't hold ornaments as well) and don't always hold up in ice storms, which we have a lot of here in KY; but they grow really big pretty fast and make great climbing trees.  And as an added bonus they also drop tons of pine cones every Spring which I'm sure will inspire some exciting free DIY projects for me. Part of the fun of this tradition is changing it up and one day looking out into your yard and remembering all of the Christmases past just like my parents can do. 

Before planting our new tree David and his dad put an old tree to good use. 

Cutting and splitting an old fallen tree for some fire wood!
There's that balance thing again!  It always find it's way, doesn't it?


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