Friday, January 30, 2015

Well Visit x2

The boys had well checkups today!

Logan (almost 5 months): 13lb 2oz, 24.8"
Ayden (3 years): 26lb 8oz, 2' 11"

And Logan has officially mastered rolling from back to belly. Now he's a rolling fool and spends a lot of time on his tummy by choice!

It was a comfort to have a doctor's Appointment today. Logan still has a cough and sinus congestion so having his little lungs listened to an extra time was nice. His doctor was pleased with how quickly he seemed to have bounced back and he accredited the all powerful mama milk for that (which of course made me feel really good).

During Logan's whole exam he was reaching for their doctor's buttons, stethoscope, hands, and anything else he could get his sweet little hands on. Doc was pleased with his development. We skipped getting his vaccine today since his immune system is compromised at the moment and we made an appointment with a nurse to go back for that in a couple of weeks. 

Their doctor  had forgotten that Ayden has been potty trained since he was 22 months old so he asked how that was going for us. We took that opportunity to ask about night time wetting. Ayden wakes with a dry diaper once every couple of weeks or so with no consistency or pattern. Doc told us that with boys, the ability to hold it all night usually comes between the ages of 4 and 5 (sometimes even longer for heavy sleepers) so he told us not to worry about that at this time.  He did say that if we get to that point with no progress then we should start waking him in the middle of the night to go. That doesn't sound like fun so we are hoping the issue will resolve itself in its own good time.  

I was SOOO glad David was able to get away from work to meet us there. It would have been so chaotic without his help.  Teamwork saves the day yet again!  He texted later in the day to tell us what a treat it is to get to see us in the middle of the work day. I think a lunch visit at work from us should be in his near future!  This evening he took care of kitchen cleanup so I could go to my happy place and get my sew on.  I have had a couple of projects just sitting there on hold for weeks and it felt good to get a couple of hours in on them.  When he was done he came up and we watched a movie in our office while I finished up.  

When did your kids stop wetting at night? 


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  1. When my daughter was close to 2.5, she refused to wear a diaper at night, even though she often woke up wet. She wet her sheets 3 nights in a row and then never again. She decided she was ready and took charge.

    Glad to hear Logan is rolling so well. After losing a child to SUID, rolling is the most wonderful milestone to me because it signals the more dramatic decrease in that risk.

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss! The milestone is definitely a comfort. I know day time potty training is all about waiting until the child is ready maybe the same goes for night time too...

  2. Mallory was about 2.5 when she stopped wetting the bed at night. I think I still put a diaper on her until she had gone a good month waking up dry because it wasn't worth the risk ;) She only has had wet sheets once and that was totally a "you had lemonade and no one made you owe before bed" mistake. He will get there. Don't be worried at all!

    1. I was thinking we'd wait until he started waking up dry consistently too. I guess we just thought it would have happened sooner since he's been day time potty trained for so long.