Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy 3 Months, Logan!

A quarter of a year has passed since this little gentleman entered our lives. 

I never knew how much I would enjoy being a mom of two. People always told me, "Things will be different." and that I would miss the days when it was just me and my first born. I feel like I get plenty of time with both of my boys and in hindsight, something (or someone I suppose) was missing when it was just Ayden and myself. I try to think back and remember the time when Ayden was my only little love and I just can't. It's almost like I don't want to remember a time without the love of TWO amazing sons. 

Haha!  First of many like this, I'm sure...

Logan has been such a good baby and this mom of two thing is better than I could have ever hoped. But enough about me!  On to the birthday boy:

Happy 3 months, Logan!

At 3 months old Logan is cooing away. He smiles ALL the time (Ayden even tells strangers this fact regularly). He laughs and is SUPER ticklish. He even laughs when we wash his armpits in the bath. He blows raspberries and likes to play a game where we take turns sticking out tongues out at one another. He thinks Ayden and a Daddy are pretty awesome but there are still many times a day where he only has eyes for Mommy (and Mommy kind of LOVES it.). He wakes up every few hours around the clock but typically latches on and goes right back to sleep, and therefore I do too (aside from 2 or 3 nights where we were up for about an hour). He fits into that "4th trimester" mold where right around that three month mark he started being able to put himself to sleep, even without a pacifier. We just wrap him up nice and tight when he's nice and sleepy and he'll lie there quietly until he drifts off (which is absolutely mind boggling insane for me). He is starting to really explore things with both of his hands working together. He pulls items to his mouth and really concentrates as he manipulates objects. He reaches for our faces (which Ayden loves as long as he "keeps hims claws in" and our hands and is just so interested in everything in reaching distance. He still likes tummytime. He has rolls over a couple of times sort of by accident but has not mastered doing it intentionally. He has started trying though!  He can use his arms to lift his upper body 90* and he LOVES to "stand" while we hold him. Here is his 3 month interview of cuteness:

Likes: Smiling, sleeping, nursing, listening to songs/rhymes/books/music/etc, watching us blow raspberries, his play mat with dangly toys to explore, being tickeled, taking baths, looking at lights, pretty much everything else life has to offer. This child is so easy to please. 

Dislikes: being touched with cold hands, being hungry in the car, being bopped on the noggin by his big bro...  That may be it?

Read about what Logan was doing at 2 months here!

I try not to dwell too much on how fast this is all going because when I do it kind of makes me sad. I am just trying to enjoy the present as much as I can and I am so grateful that I have this blog as a journal, filled with photos, videos and musings, to look back on. I know I will really treasure this years from now when my boys are all grown up. 

Read about Ayden at 3 months here!

Happy 3 month birthday, baby boy!  Mommy, Daddy and Brother love you SOOO much. Thank you for being you. 


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  1. Having the blog is such a treasure. I've been neglecting mine and I'm really upset about it. Happy 3 months Logan! What a cutie he is!!!