Friday, December 5, 2014

Hermit Weather

Morning brother time.
"We like an X, Mommy!" - Ayden
Ayden is a loving big bro and Logan is a very good sport.

We went out and about today to run a few errands. 

Ayden got a job at the library pizzaria.

Logan caught flies.

We also went by Hobby Lobby and Whole Foods. There were no emergencies or catastrophes but taking two kids out in nasty weather really is no fun. I am going to resist becoming a hermit this Winter though it feels pretty tempting.

Both boys fell asleep on the way home.  When I got the car unloaded, and both boys transferred and tucked in, I got my T25 workout in.  It was lower body focus and my legs used to be the strongest part of my body but now they are definitely not.  It was burning and I was feeling it.  

The evening ended the way it began.

More brother time!
"Hi, Logan.  You're my friend." - Ayden

Books with Daddy while dinner finished cooking.

We had movie and home made pizza night (a Friday night tradition from my childhood) and it was really nice to all snuggle up as a family.

What is your family's Friday night tradition? We don't do pizza often but we'll probably start doing it once a month or so.  We'd love to hear about yours!


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1 comment:

  1. We have the same pizza every weekend tradition as well. My husband makes a whole wheat crust From scratch. It is soon good. We look forward to pizza night every Friday night. We are going to purchase a outdoor pizza brick oven grill and since we live in tropical weather year round for the most part, we will love getting our kids involved. My daughter loves pizza and looks forward to it all the time. My husband had the same tradition of pizza weekends too. I am so glad you guys will do pizza night on weekends. Your son will be counting down the days for weekend to come. I top my pizza with llots of veggies, even kale or spinach. Very nutritious and delicious.