Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wake Up Call

Logan gave me a 5 am wakeup call this morning. Actually, I think it was more like 4:30 but I gave up on getting him back to sleep somewhere around 5. He wasn't fussing or anything. Just awake and fidgety enough for me not to be able to go back to sleep. When I finally turned a night light on so I could see him he greeted me with his adorable gummy grin. What else is there to do other than get up and get my workout done for the day?   

Annnd of course he falls back to sleep while I'm doing it.
At least I got it out of the way!!

We went to story time and then checked out some new movies and books. 

I finally finished Gone Girl (a book I stared BEFORE Logan was born) during our trip and I wanted something new to read. David and I read a book together at the end of Logan's pregnancy called The Dirty Life: A Memoir Of Farming Food And Love and we really enjoyed it. Whenever either of us are trying something new it really helps us to read as much as we can about it. We follow blogs, and read many articles and books on the subject. It helps us stay motivated and inspired while also reminding us that there are plenty of other people out there who are already doing (and succeeding at) what we want to do. I used to be a fiction girl through and through but that book has gotten me hooked on memoirs, biographies, and the like. Other people's lives are just so fascinating! Here was what I came away with today: 

One of the librarians recommended Green Mountain Farm when she saw me pick out We Took To The Woods.
Julie and Julia
 just because I've always wanted to read it ever since I saw the movie. 

We stopped by for a visit with my parents on our way home and then we all changed into comfy pants and stayed in for the rest of the day once we got here.

Both boys took monster naps. I put Logan down for his at around 1:30, while Ayden finished his lunch, and then Ayden went down for his at around 2. Ayden woke up at 3:40 or so and Logan woke somewhere around 4:30. 

Always a smiling...

For the rest of the evening we played Christmas music, played, had dinner, played some more and then got the kids to bed. 

Busted out my Didymos woven wrap tonight.
It was his first time in it and he loved it.
I had forgotten how comfortable and beautiful it is.
The Mobys just might be retired...

I'm going to work on some of Logan's Christmas gifts while David reads to me from one of our new books. 

I'm not going to make myself any promises but getting my exercise done early in the morning really set me up for success today. I really liked it. It would be really nice if I could start doing that regularly but sleep comes first so I'll just have to go with the flow. 


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