Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To: Burlap And Lace Wreath

I made a new wreath months ago and am finally getting around to sharing it with you!

Here are the supplies I used:

- burlap {here is tutorial on how to cut it without it fraying}
- a flour sack towel from Target
- tea (used to die the towel)
- twine
- lace
- pearl beads
- self healing mat
- acrylic ruler
- rotary cutter (the last three are optional.  Could use scissors)

- grape vine wreath
- wooden letter (from Hobby Lobby)
- acrylic craft paint in color of choice (I chose a happy yellow)
- paint brush

-glue gun
First, I made fabric roses from the burlap and died flour sack towel.  
Secure them by hot gluing a small circle on the back of each one.

I added a pearl bead to the center of each burlap rose.
Just to give it a little something extra...

Arrange the flowers to your liking on one side.
Hot glue in place once you decide where to put them all.

At the last minute, I decided to add some leaves.
I cut them, free handed, out of some burlap scraps.
Wrap the other side in your twine.
Secure it in the back with a dot of hot glue.
Add a little lace.

And your letter.

And you're done!

I feel like this is a wreath that could be up year-round if you aren't really the type to change such things seasonally.  I have Fall and Winter wreaths that I love so I've put this baby in a safe place to bring back out in Spring!

There are so many wreath ideas floating around out there and the grapevine type always catch my eye.  I am glad I have one of my very own now!

Have you ever DIYed a wreath?  What is your favorite kind?


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  1. Cute!
    I don't know if you've already discovered it but I wanted to tell you about great blog about farm living, intentional parenting and crafty goodness. No, I'm not affiliated in anyway, I just love the blog and thought you might enjoy it as well. Hope you have a great day!.

  2. Thanks you! Yes! I love Soulemama! Have you read any of her books? Good stuff there too :)