Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Toddler Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and it's time that we finish up our Christmas shopping!

I tried something new this year and did most of my shopping online.  I may never go back!  I have an Amazon wish list just for Ayden that I add to all year round as I come across things he may like.  When Christmas or his birthday draw near, I share it with anyone who have asked for ideas for him.  Some of our family even reference it throughout the year for special, no reason gifts.  Here 10 of the items from Ayden's wish list this year that I think most toddlers would enjoy.  Ayden will be finding a few of these items under the tree this year and a few more for his birthday!

Personalized roller backpack.
{buy it here}

Tree blocks.
{buy it here}

Good old fashioned wooden blocks.
{buy it here}

Block accessories.
{buy it here}
Easel and supplies.
{buy it here}

Play-doh accessories
{buy it here}
Roll and learn blocks.
{buy it here}

Magnetic robots.
{buy it here}

{buy it here}

Barn with farm animals
{buy it here}

Of course books, books and more books are always great gift ideas too!  

Hopefully this can help anyone who may be stuck on those last couple of items your toddler may enjoy finding under the tree!  

What have you gotten your toddler?


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