Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Magnetic Name Match

I've got another quick, easy and cheap activity for your toddlers today!  I already had everything on hand but if you don't, everything can be purchased at the dollar store.

The supplies you need are magnetic letters, paper, markers in colors corresponding to the magnets as well as a black one, and contact paper.

First, you trace the letters in the matching colors, this way your child can match by color if they aren't ready to match by the shape of the letter.  Then you trace them in black for a letter shape match.  I chose white paper so the colors would stand out.  Next, you write their name in normal handwriting so they are matching the magnetic letter shapes to the more common letter shapes.  Lastly, you use contact paper to seal the name cards right onto the fridge.  

If you are wanting to introduce letters to your child but aren't sure where to start, their name is always a safe bet.  Out of the 26 letters of the alphabet, those in their name are very personal and significant.  Kids seem to have some internal need to learn those (along with the letter X it seems since EVERY student I ever had learned X quickly and easily.  Perhaps it's from "X marks the spot?)  There is no need to teach a child their letters in alphabetical order.  Sing the song with them, teach them the names in the order in which they are interested in learning them and they will easily put two and two together when they are ready.  As far as Capital vs. lower case first, the jury is still out.  I, personally, taught them simultaneously and my students seemed to learn them without any problems.

Here is another fun refrigerator spelling game that I found on Pinterest today:

A spin off on this activity would be to use photographs of your child, a few family members, pets, favorite toys, etc. The younger the child, the more basic it should be.  Just have a few letter cards and have only the letters that will fit. Older children can have an entire set of cards and the whole alphabet to choose from.  You also can use the basic magnetic letters rather than the Leap Frog letters.  Hand draw, use real photographs that your child helps you take and print, print photos from the internet or use clip art.  Anything goes!

There are so many ways to use those letter magnets!  How do you like to use them in your house??

Things are looking pretty cozy around here these days.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!


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  1. I noticed this on a previous post of yours and I love it! I plan to get my toddler magnetic letters for Xmas so this will be perfect!