Sunday, December 29, 2013

11 Under 6

Ayden has been having TONS of cousin time this winter break and is loving every second. In his immediate family alone he has 6 first cousins (five on my side and one on David's). He's played with them plenty but tonight he had the rare experience of having my mom's side of the family to play with. First cousins are familiar and fun but add in some extended family and you've really got a party!  Tonight, the kids table was bigger than the adult table with 11 kids under 6 years old circled around it.

Ayden had a blast and as we were leaving he kept saying, "I wanna pay! I wanna pay!"  He wanted to play the night away. 

I am so glad he has so many fun cousins in his life!  I had a lot too and know how much it can add to ones life. 

After we got Ayden to bed I went back out for some much needed sister time. Another great family night for the memory books. 


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Misery Loves Company"

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