Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! {2014}

We started 2012 with a bang when Ayden came into our lives. 2013 kind of paled in comparison to that whirlwind of a year but we still did some pretty exciting stuff!

We sold our house and moved in with my parents. Some parts were challenging and some amazing. I wouldn't have traded it for anything and had some moments with each of my parents that I would has never had otherwise and that I will cherish for always. 

We had our first big vegetable garden. I am proud of David for all of the hard work he put into growing food for our families. He learned some valuable lessons for future gardens and Ayden got to see where his food actually comes from. It is hard work but well worth it. 

We found ourselves the coziest little cottage and have made it our home. Who knew we'd find such a gem so close to our land! It has features we will miss dearly and also has features that show is what not to do when we finally build. Either way, it has been where Ayden has spent his second year, growing from toddler to talking and running little boy he is now. It has been perfect for us and I know this little cottage will always hold a special place in our memories. 

We had an amazing summer together.  We spent more time than ever outside and Ayden became pretty awesome with his soccer ball!  This was the first Winter ever that I just wasn't ready for. Summer is so much easier than Winter when you have a toddler to chase down and bundle up every time you want to to outside. 

This Fall we got our chickens!  What an amazing undertaking they have been. They are pretty easy to care for, produce the most delicious eggs we have ever eaten and add an element of charm and enrichment to our lives. Ayden loves them too!

We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time which was an honor for me. I really loved having my family all together in our home. I would love to have them over more  in the upcoming year. 

Christmas was magical this year. Ayden was still at an awkward age where he recognized what Santa and presents were yet wasn't aware of Christmas Day was special compared to other ordinary days. Next year will really be when the magic of Christmas begins!

And now we have come full circle. It is time for our annual New Year's party and David and I will have our first kiss of 2014 under fireworks while hug our little boy between us. This life of ours really is a wonderful life!

Happy New Year!  May we be the people we want to be and all accomplish everything we set out  to achieve.  

What were some exciting highlights from your 2013? Please share below!


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  1. Happy New Years ... I hope you have a wonderful year