Monday, December 16, 2013

Here Comes Santa Claus

Today was a whirlwind of a Monday!  We had a rough night last night, play group from 10-12, stopped by one grocery store, home for lunch, attempted a nap together (unfortunately a no go), office work at the studio at 2:30 (of course, Ayden fell asleep on the way there so he napped in the Ergo while I personalized studio ornaments). Home to let the chickens in and change Ayden into something handsome. Off to meet David at the Santa place for a 5:30 appointment.

They used photo shop to merge Santa and Ayden together.
I was sitting in the chair for Ayden's real picture.  Haha.
(we do not blame Ayden for not wanting to sit in a stranger's lap)
Dinner and some more grocery shopping at Whole Foods then to the YMCA on our way home for a family swim in the warm water pool. Ayden did GREAT in the water. I think the warmth freed him to really let loose and enjoy himself since all the pools we swam in over the summer were on the cool side.

We got him at 8:30 and got Little Man to bed. It was a full but fun day. The only thing on our agenda tomorrow is getting the house back in order after a whirlwind of a weekend/Monday and Yoga. 

I updated my FB status asking who all were members at my gym and if anyone was interested in a new workout buddy. I had 3 ladies respond so we've started a workout buddy group. When we decide when we're going to the gym and what we're doing we get on and let everyone know. If anyone is interested in joining it's a date!  One of the girls is meeting me for the Yoga so that should be fun. We used to dance together and go way back. It will be fun to catch up. 

I plan on going to bed when David does tonight. I need to catch up on lost sleep from last night and prepare for a possible repeat of early morning wakings. This always makes David's night when I let him know I plan to go to bed at the same time as him. He respects my need for quiet alone time but also loves to cuddle me while we fall asleep.  What girl could complain about that sweetness?!?

Did you have a crazy, busy Monday today?


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1 comment:

  1. I have my almost-13mo-old in swim lessons at the Y! They have "mom/dad and me" classes from 6-36mo and my son LOVES it! I bet Ayden would enjoy it, and I have fun with him too!

    And awesome photoshopping job on the santa pic! I haven't taken mine to sit on Santa's lap yet this year, I'm not sure how it goes, last year he did fine but he was only 5 weeks old ;)