Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pin Review: DIY Shower Cleaner

I've seen this DIY shower cleaner floating around Pinterest for a while now and decided it was time to put it to the test!  

Supplies Needed:
- distilled white vinegar
- dish soap
- dish wand
We have sliding glass doors on our shower here at the cottage.  I know a lot of people take these down and replace them with a more stylish curtain but since this is a rental, we had to leave it as it is.  The reality is that these glass doors are SOOO much better than a curtain when you have a toddler in the bathroom with you when you are trying to shower!  By now he has learned that as long as the water is running he shouldn't try and open the door to say hello but I know it would have been much  harder to teach him such a valuable lesson.  Thanks to those beautiful doors (and new to him activities), I can shower in peace with him right there in the room with me!!

The problem with glass doors is this:

Soap scum, anyone??

Fill the dish wand with equal parts vinegar and soap,



and dry that soap scum away!

This will definitely be my go to shower cleaner from now on!  I find the best time to clean the shower is while I'm in it so this shower wand will find a home right inside.

What is your favorite low-toxin shower/bathtub cleaner?  Do you like to clean your shower when you're in it?


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  1. I have tried this, but the version I had heard of called for heating the vinegar. My husband hates the smell of vinegar, and heating it made the whole house reek of vinegar. I'm excited to try this version! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  2. Can't wait to try this on our doors (also in a rental or they'd have been removed). And yes I prefer to clean the shower while I'm in it. Seems to me the most efficient!