Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Snow Dough

The weather here has been pretty lousy.  It is cold enough to be winter but not cold enough for snow.  We've been having misty, overcast days that have been keeping us indoors aside from our chicken chores, of course.

On days like these we like to have some extra activities on hand to keep our toddler engaged for all of our sanities.  This one seemed perfect for a non-snowy winter day.

Materials you need:
-Ivory soap (HAS to be Ivory.  No other brand will work
(FYI, Ivory gets a score of 3 on environmental working group)
- 1/2 roll of toilet paper
- water
Step 1: tear toilet paper into small pieces
Step 2: let your toddler help you unwrap the soap
Step 3: microwave the soap for 1 minute
(if there is still some solid soap in the middle, keep microwaving at 15 second intervals until it is all fluffy)
Step 4: shred the fluffy soap
(it will be sort of paper-like consistency)
Step 5: Add water (about 2 cups)
Step 6: wring out any excess water and form a dough ball
Step 7: Set your toddler free!
He liked cutting it with his knife
Step 8: Don't forget to have a little fun yourself
(this was snapped just before he pulverized my snowman)
What's your favorite homemade play dough?

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