Saturday, December 7, 2013

Warmth For the Soul

The perfect meal for winter weather: turkey soup!

I made stock from what was left from our Thanksgiving turkey and made a rich and hearty soup. There are actually some pretty amazing healing benefits from homemade bone broth. If you do it right I truly believe it can help heal what ails you and will warm your soul. Also, cabbage makes a great substitute for noodles if you are interested in skipping the grains and adding more veggies!

The winter storm wasn't as bad as was predicted but Maverick felt right at home. 

He spent almost the whole day outside. 

I did a party with the pets today. 

and spent time with this cutie!
Maverick gave me the sniff down when I got home.  I think he knows...

It was probably the best party I've done because it was a group of 11 year old girls. They were quiet and interested in learning about the animals.  They asked real questions, were able to answer mine and I was able to give them more freedom when they handled them. I LOVE working with little kids but there is something to be said about connecting with older kids too.  Kids are kids, no matter what age, and they are all pretty special if you ask me.

It was so weird not having Ayden with me in the car. Time away always sounds nice, but in reality I always miss my little side kick. He takes a lot of patience and energy out of me but gives me so much back in return!  At least the break reminded me of that. He actually got sick while I was gone (a little stomach bug we suppose?). David took it all in stride and Ayden seemed to feel better soon after the "incedents."  He took a really good nap for David and seemed to be back to himself by the time I was home.  I don't really do well with the whole vomit thing so perhaps it's best David was by himself for that one...  The thought of "it" doesn't bother me at all but as soon as the smell hits my nostrils my body has an uncontrollable "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em reaction.  David's stomach, on the other hand, can handle that sort of thing.  Yet another reason we make a great team.

David's parents came for a visit and were at the cottage when I got home. They gave us ornaments for St. Nicholas' day and brought some things from David's childhood. 

David made this little guy in cub scouts.
Ayden kept taking out one of the antlers and singing, "pee-yup, pee-yup" (his way of singing the clean up song) and pointing to the boxes they brought it in.  I think it may take him a bit before he gets the concept of Christmas decorations being more of a permanent fixture for the next several weeks rather than something we get out and then clean up like everything else.

We are going to finally decorate for Christmas tomorrow!  So far we don't have any plans so we're going to take it easy and follow tradition.  We'll make some hot chocolate, put Elf on and deck the halls!

There is a cool dinosaur exhibit going on in our area and we are going back and forth about taking Ayden.  He loves dinosaurs and we are always up for some fun, but we are also trying to avoid hyper-scheduling ourselves this holiday season.  I think we'll invite some family and if we have takers we'll go for some quality visiting time.  If we don't, we'll just stay home.  

What are your holiday decorating traditions?


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  1. I used to drink bone broth all the time for nutrition. Takes practice. Taste okay. Funny, but i used to ask the butcher for beef bones and one day he said, for your dog, and i said,, no for me. He looked at me funny, then i educated him about all the vitamins in bones essentual for humans too.

  2. Hi sarah. Me again. I just got to thinking and sorry this doesnt have much to do with your postm but my girl is 7 months soon and i am a paleo believer. I puree tons of fruits and veggies but have been giving her oatmeal and rice cereal to keep her full. Did u do oatmeal and rice with ayden when he was that age. Any recommendations. Should i offer her rice and oatmeal or no?? Thanks.

  3. Ayden is getting cuter every day! I can't wait until my 20 month old is talking more. He signs a lot but I want to hear his cute little voice like pee-yup! It just makes me smile to imagine ☺