Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Buddy

Errand days can take a lot out of me but I love them!  Ayden and I get so much quality time.  When he is in a cart we are face to face all day long, talking and experiencing everything together.  He is such a good boy and has always been a wonderful little shopping buddy.  

Mid-day picture for Daddy!
He leaned in and smiled, just like I did.  So CUTE!

Today was an even more interesting errand day than usual.  Ayden seems to be ready to take potty training to a whole new level.  He is starting to let me know when he needs to potty even when he's wearing his diaper. He's also waking up dry a couple of times a week. He has even peed in public toilets twice now! He's still learning about the sensations that precede a #2.  When we are at home he'll say, "Poo poo potty!" and run to the potty.  We'll get his pants and undies off, he'll sit for a minute or two and then say, "All done!"  We'll put his undies and pants back on and repeat this every 5 minutes or so until he's in a panic saying, "Poo poo potty! Oh no! Poo poo potty!" while he goes in his undies.  He makes it  to the potty sometimes but he just hasn't really put two and two together that when he feels it coming, he needs to sit and wait a while.  Patience, child.  Patience.  When it was warm he spent his time at home without wearing anything on bottom but now that it is colder, the cottage is colder and he likes wearing undies and pants.  Who wouldn't??

Well, while we were out and about today, he had that feeling.  We were at target and he'd say, "Poo poo potty, Mommy!" so we'd go to the back corner of the store, park the cart, get him and my purse out out of the cart, stop for a drink at the water fountain per his request, take him in a stall, remove his pants and undies and let him attempt to use the potty.  We did this several times before I had to tell him no more potty so I could finish up my shopping trip and get on with our day.  He did the same things at our next stop with no luck.  Finally, when we got home, he told me he needed to go, changed his mind when we got to the bathroom only to finally end up going in his diaper after all.  

We are just sitting back and letting him lead us on this one.  He's not even two yet so we are in no rush.  We just want to set him up for success for whenever he is ready to take those next steps and we don't wan to discourage his progress (hence all the trips to the bathroom at Target today).  It is taking a lot of patience, encouragement and celebration on our part but Ayden seems to be understanding how it all works more and more everyday!  

When did your child potty train?  Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Wow. I m impressed with your patience. I know that for me, I would be a different story which i wont go into. Good job with how you handle things. Merry Christmas!!