Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seasons of Change

Little Man is on a constant quest to touch the our ever evasive chickens. Every now and then one will crouch down and tolerate a few strokes before scurrying away.  That's enough for him, it makes his day!

It is interesting to me how things ebb and flow and even come full circle during different seasons of someone's life.  We dropped our gym membership years ago along with cable TV, Netflix, landline phone, excessive amounts of dates to the movies, and going out to eat, etc.  We did this so we could free up money to put towards me being a stay at home mom and becoming debt free.  Now that we have achieved those goals, we are ready to add a couple of things back in.

Group fitness is my favorite form of exercise so back in the day, I put in my fair share of time at the gym.   Once Ayden arrived, my perspective was changed and I just didn't have an interest in (or the energy for) exercising much.  I've done things here and there and we even did 5 weeks of T25 back in September before falling back into our old rut.  Working out at home for an extended amount of time just wasn't making me feel fulfilled.  My choices were to workout while Ayden was awake which meant interruptions and distractions; or to do it while he was sleeping which meant that I was using valuable baby-free time that I'd much rather use for things for myself or the house that I couldn't do when he was awake.  Needless to say, any effort to work out since his arrival has been short lived since over time it seemed to add stress rather than provide stress relief.  It was something I felt like I *should* do or *had* to do rather than something I wanted and enjoyed to do.

All of that being said, I've been having a pretty big itch to work out for a while.  Since we got T25 back in September I guess, but I just couldn't get excited about anything I tried.  After talking it over for a couple of weeks, David and I have decided to join a gym again!  Ayden and I stopped by our local YMCA  today and came away with membership cards. 

 I didn't realize just how much I missed it until it sunk in that I get to go take some group fitness classes. Tomorrow if I want!  I get to make some more friends, find inspiration and be a part of a community.  Another bonus is that they offer a really good childcare program that is included in the membership.  That means Ayden gets to make new friends too and mama will still get to take nap time for whatever her heart desires.  Win, win all around if you ask me!  

Ayden was most excited about the pools.  There is a lap pool, an outdoor pool (which is closed at the moment of course) and a warm water pool.  He kept telling the guy who was working with us, "I wan see pool!" We are excited to take our first family swim in the warm water pool.  Sounds like the perfect evening activity during these cold winter days if you ask me!

I am so excited about this new season of my life.  I am ready to feel strong again and ready to  take this time for myself.  Who knows how long it will last but does that matter?  What is important is that we do what we are inspired, interested or motivated to do in the moment and  then when we are ready, we have the freedom to move on and experience a new season.  

Have you had a recent change of season?  Do share!


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