Friday, December 27, 2013

Lead Me To A World Of Wonder

One of Ayden's new favorite words is, "come"  (only he pronounces it "pum").  We'll be doing our separate projects and then he'll come to me and say, "Pum, Mommy!  Pum!" And he'll take my hand. 

This is a special invitation into his world. I can't help but drop what I am doing and let him take me wherever he wants to go.  Getting to see the world through his eyes is a gift to be treasured. I'm glad he has gotten to a stage where he reminds me of that often. I never want to forget how his warm little hands feel in mine as he leads me into his world of wonder.


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Mastitis, Round 3.  UGH!"

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1 comment:

  1. Ayden is growing so fast and I love that you continue to share his story and yours with all of us!!

    I'm still loving everything you shared about the amazing Journal by Erin, and can't wait to find out who wins!! I'm sure they will be totally inspired to be even more organized!!

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that you all enjoy an even more special 2014!!