Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From Morning To Night

My great friend Whitney passed some sort of magic sleep training manual along to us and it appears to have made a HUGE change in our sleep lives over night. We aren't totally in "sleeping through the night consistently" territory quite yet so before jumping the gun I'm going to wait a few more days to hate the details. 

Go, Ayden, go!!
Something I do want to talk about tonight is showering. I used to be shower in the morning kind of girl. I by no means am a morning person so back in my teaching days (when I'd "greet" the day at 5:30am) a shower would help me wake up. Nowadays, since moving from tired teacher to tired mama, I prefer to shower at night. It is when Ayden consistently sleeps in deeper, longer stretches, when David can take care of things if he does wake up and it frees up my mornings for sleeping as long as I can since I really prefer to get myself ready first thing. 

It took me a while to get used to the switch but as I get older I am becoming wiser. I am slowly beginning to realize that we do not (and should not) force ourselves into any pre-determined mold, routine or expectation. We would all experience more success throughout our days if we would take a step back, realize the natural rhythms of ourselves and our loved ones, then shape our lives and homes around them.

During this season in my life showering at night, among other things, fits better into the natural rhythm of Ayden's and my internal clocks. There may come a day where night time showers add strain to my days. That will be my cue to take that step back and find a new way to mold my life around myself. 

Obviously this post is about a little more than showers. This applies to everything in our lives. It's all about trouble shooting and process of elimination until we find a combination that brings peace and makes our lives more simple. 

Can you pin point a source of consistent strain during your days?  Is there anything you can tweak so you could maybe find relief? Remember. Your home and your life work for you. It's not the other way around!!


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