Sunday, December 1, 2013

How To: Make Fabric Roses

Wreaths, headbands, shirts, oh my!  There are so many uses for fabric flowers and they are a lot easier to make than you think.  How to make:

Cut your fabric into strips.
The longer your fabric, the larger your flower.  My pieces were 2" x 24".

Start by folding a corner down.
Roll a few times.
Twist and roll a few more times.

Rinse and...
Continue this pattern until you have your flower!
You can secure the end with hot glue or a straight pin.  Sew on to dresses or shirts, hot glue on to head bands or wreaths.  You can even hot glue a small hair clip onto the back and clip it right into your daughter's hair.  Fabric flowers will add simple elegance to anything!

Did you give this tutorial a try?  Please come back and let me know how your flowers turned out!


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