Saturday, November 30, 2013

Picture Day

Today was full of photo shoots. We have had one booked for today for a month or so for a father and his three beautiful daughters. We went to an arboretum in the next town over. We enjoyed it because we could tell the girls really liked having their very own photoshoot (even though I'm pretty sure their dad was ready to be done before we actually were). They even brought a couple of pets along. 

David and Ayden played while I took the photos.
Ayden fell asleep on the way home and while he napped David and I got ready for our own photo shoot. We actually planned on doing it a couple of weeks ago but were never able to fit it in. Ayden was less than cooperative but we managed to get a few good shots. When we do our own photos we use a tripod and a remote. There is definitely an added element of stress, being the subjects, parents and photographers but we always manage to get what we need. I will definitely share a few once David completes post processing on them. 

Tomorrow we are going Christmas tree shopping!  We are going to start the tradition of getting a live tree that we can plant on our property after New Years. My parents started doing that every year when we moved into their house back in 1991. It is so neat to look around their yard and see the trees from Christmas' past. I have always wanted to do the same thing once we had our own land and I'm so excited that this is the year!

What is your longest running family tradition?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "The Undocumented Day"

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1 comment:

  1. That sounds like an amazing tradition! We are only one Christmas #3 as a married couple and #2 as parents and we have almost no traditions, except going to my parents' home on Christmas morning and to my husband's parents' home in the afternoon. It is nice to see all the family in one day.
    Oh and we also do Secret Santa with my siblings and have for over ten years now.