Saturday, November 9, 2013

Change Of Plans

We decided to postpone our night weaning journey. We chose this weekend because we didn't have anything planned. We thought we'd be able to go to bed with him and possibly even nap with him if the nights were rough. With how late dinner ended up being (Ayden fell asleep at the restaurant  with no routine or new books read) and how we had something added to our agenda for today we decided it would be best to postpone it to another free weekend rather than set ourselves up for possible failure and unnecessary exhaustion right out of the gate.

I had second thougts about even mentioning it in a post for this very reason but this is real life. As a parent, you make decisions and half the time you have to change your plans. At least for us, if we didn't have the option to go with the flow we woul'd all be miserable. Night weaning is still on the horizon, though, and I will definitely share our experience and what we learn about it along the way. 

Today, we drove almost an hour to a farm that was holding a 2 hour chicken class.  We learned a few things, met some nice people and, of course, saw some animals!

Farm visits do a lot for us. They help us connect with other farmers giving us the chance to see how they do things and ask questions. They expose us to different ways of setting things up on a property. They show us that the things we want to do over the years can, in fact, be done. They really help keep  us motivated!

David also got the chicken coop mostly painted and a few of our chicken supply packages arrived. It is all really coming together!  We'll be collecting eggs out of our own backyard in no time.

Now I shall leave you with some clips of Ayden from last night.  We stopped by The Guitar Center before dinner and set him loose!  The last clip is the best so be sure to watch the whole thing.

His face says it all!
What were the last plans you had to change at the last minute?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Bath Time Peek-A-Boo"

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  1. I was planning on starting the Ferber night weaning method for cosleeping/nursing. I was going to nurse only once every 2 hours last night, then every 2.5 hours tonight, up to a 5.5 hour window of no night nursing by the end of the week. Of course, he started showing cold symptoms last night and he has a full blown cold! Now I am putting it off for two weeks at least until he is completely over it!

    1. There's always something! I'm going to try Dr. Gordon's method of night weaning ( Thanksgiving week as I have the few days off of work and my husband will also have some time off. I've planned other times before but he either gets sick or the last time his canines started coming in! We also just weaned him from the pacifier so I wanted to give him some extra time to adjust before adding another hardship.
      I'll make sure to blog about my night weaning journey too! I've heard many success stories with the Gordon approach