Friday, November 15, 2013

Cycle Of Change

David and I had a good laugh over this last night because it is so us!

We make decisions and incorporate things into our lives. Then, after a while, we are ready for some changes. On a quest to discover what those changes are, we hyper schedule and go to some extremes. Eventually we start to feel overwhelmed and tired so we pick and choose what we like from all the things we are trying out and settle into a new normal... Until we are ready for change again. It is a definitely a cyclical process.  There are some tried and true constants but for the most part, we are a family that thrives on variety and the excitement of the unknown. 

Our chickens come tomorrow. Talk about adding some excitement to our lives and change to our days. We will be opening up the coop and collecting eggs every morning then feeding the hens and closing the coop up every night. We'll have 14 new living creatures to take care and inspect the health of. It will be a two way relationship (farm fresh eggs are so amazing) but also a new, added responsibility. I would imagine we will go through the same process with them that we do anything else. First we will feel excited. Then the excitement will wear off and we may feel overwhelmed for a bit as we change things around and find our new "norm." After some time passes and we figure things out,  we will finally adapt.  They will become part of our routine and we will be ready for the next exciting step in this adventure. 

We are taking things slow for this very reason. We know ourselves and know that if we take on too much at once, we'll be more likely to throw in the towel in an effort to find balance again. Taking off one bite at a time is the key to our success.

We do have one amazing thing to our advantage. We have a sweet little helper who is excited about life and loves farm animals. If the eggs aren't enough to make it all worth it, he is!

How about you?  Does that cartoon sum up your life like it does ours?


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  1. Oh my gosh, Sarah. That video was adorable! He really is excited about farm life isn't he?! My son builds trucks and "puh-weese" cars with his mega blocks. :)

  2. Are you getting chicks or hens that are already laying?