Saturday, November 16, 2013

All Cooped Up

Today was chicken day!!  We started at the farmer's market then stopped by a local doughnut shop for a treat.

This artist has a couple of beautiful murals around town.

Maple bacon doughnut and a vanilla latte.
So delish and so worth the indulgence!
Then it was the moment we've been preparing for!

Getting acquainted.

14 Rhode Island Red ladies.

Checking out the roost bars.

And the nest boxes.
They really loved the food we chose!

David went out to add some chicken wire to the ventilation holes (we decided predators could probably get in through them if they wanted to) and he heard a celebratory "ba-GOK!  He opened the flap over the nest boxes to find THREE eggs!  He called me out so I swooped Ayden up and headed out to see for myself.  On my way out I heard another hen celebrating (they do this every time they lay an egg) so when I opened the flap I found four eggs!  They were here for less than two hours and already provided tomorrow's breakfast.

We are so excited about finally taking this step and Ayden is soaking it all up!  He was talking about how they were scratching their feet and looking for bugs.  He was mimicking all of their quiet noises as they were exploring their little yard.

You are actually supposed to keep new chickens cooped up (literally) for 4-7 days until they consider their new coop as their new home.  We let them out just so we could let them find a few bugs and so we could see them enjoying everything we put together for them.  Even though it took us a while to catch them one by one to return them to the coop it was worth being able to see them doing their chicken thing!

Do you know anyone with chickens or have any yourself?  What is your (or their) number one piece of advice?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Ayden's First Dance Competition"

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