Friday, November 22, 2013

Auntie Sarah

We are in Ohio for the weekend for one of the annual dance competitions we attend. Ayden and I got here around 4:30 (after a challenging morning of toddler wrangling/packing). I had one student competing this afternoon (she got a gold!) and for the rest of the weekend I am helping out with my sisters' kids (both of my sisters are here) and also get to be a spectator. 

My mom and sisters were all Miss Dance of Ohio at some point and since this is the 50th anniversary of Ohio Dance Masters all of the past Miss Dances are joining the current in a routine at the pagent. They are having a rehearsal pretty late tonight so I brought my six year old nephew (my oldest sister only brought the oldest of her 3 boys with her) my 2 year old niece and Ayden back to our room. It took a while but I got them all in their PJs, got their teeth brushed and got them all to sleep. Exhaustion was definitely on my side since it was way passed their bedtimes but I'm glad I could take care of it so my sisters didn't have to. Playing with kids is nice but it's caring for them that really builds relationships. Having conversations, giving undivided attention, asking them questions and actually listening to their answers. There were a few crazy moments but I really enjoyed being an aunt (and mommy, of course) tonight. 

I am excited to see all of the numbers tomorrow!  I will also be excited to see David when he comes to join us and I know Ayden will be too. 

Do you get the chance to take care of nieces or nephews often?  I have a feeling I'll get to more and more as Ayden gets older and wants to have them over to play. 


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