Sunday, November 3, 2013

An Extra Hour

And for mommies with an awesome husband like mine!  David got up with Ayden and left me to sleep an extra hour. It was glorious! The author of one of my favorite blogs once said she feels like your spouse getting up with the kids so you can get some extra sleep is the 6th love language and I agree!  My tank was very full this morning. 

Today consisted mainly of more coop building and hanging out around the house. 

Ayden still thinks it is his new club house...
Adding his own special touches...

Easy access for pull out trays under the roost bars
Also easy access to nesting boxes for collecting EGGS!
Removable nesting box dividers
David has done such an amazing job designing and building this coop!  His dad came by yesterday to help a bit and my dad came today. Family effort for family eggs!

Ayden and I did venture out to the grocery store for a few household items and pantry staples. He fell asleep just as we pulled into the parking lot. Luckily, I had thought that might happen so I took the Ergo. 

He looks like my little baby again!
We don't wear Ayden much these days. Babywearing is something we did because it was mutually enjoyable. He eventually got to a point where he would rather be in a shopping cart or running alongside of us, rather than strapped into a carrier; so we followed his lead and stopped doing it for the most part. We wear him when we go hiking and I occasionally wear him if we are having a day where he is making house work impossible. Today he snuggled right in and slept soundly like he always did when he was little. I loved every moment and kept kissing his sweet little cheek. Moments like that can be fleeting so I soak them in whenever I can.

What did you do with your extra hour today?  


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Joining The Club"

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  1. I cant imagine carrying a two year old around. Doesnt that kill your back? He must be really little. I love daylight savings too. We spent the day pureeing pumpkin for baby food. Tons of work. Missed church today, darn. I am still up all night with lo. I do appreciate when husbands help so we can sleep a little.

    1. I carry my 27 lb 18 month old all the time ☺ it can get tiring after a long period of time but sometimes I can switch with someone. With my toddler, he is too crazy to let him walk around stores so I either have to carry him or put him in the cart, and he doesn't always want in the cart. It's worth it to me for the snuggles!

    2. He is a little guy. Not sure what he is weighing these days but it is probably around 25lbs? I have never roasted or pureed my own pumpkin. With how much we have eaten this year it would probably be worth for us to do it ourselves!

    3. The snuggles are amazing! I had almost forgotten...