Saturday, November 3, 2012

Joining The Club

We spent the morning having some quality family time because David is having a guys hiking/camping trip. Ayden has always been a morning baby. Even after a rough night he always wakes up with a smile on his face, ready to greet the day. Part of our daily routine is snuggling and playing in bed and the weekends are even better because Daddy is there too. It's funny because Ayden is more playful and excited when David is here when he wakes up. When it's just the two of us it is more of a quiet, cuddly playful. Add Daddy to the mix and we get screams, body slams and all kinds of giggles. Ayden sure loves playing with his Daddy.

David left right after Ayden went down for his morning nap, around 11:30 or so, and I hopped into the shower. Jess and Adam had a wedding reception in our home town that I had to get ready for.

New game while I get ready: How much can I drop in the tub?
Anytime we get the chance to see them we take it! I unfortunately didn't take any pictures while there but it was great! Ayden was in a stellar mood and once he warmed up to the place he made himself at home. He wasn't a huge fan of being held by strangers, as usual, but he enjoyed smiling at and interacting with them from afar. He even enjoyed crawling under all the tables and exploring the place. It really was a lot of fun. It was funny because before I had a child of my own I always looked at moms of busy babies and thought it must be miserable to have to follow them around everywhere all the time, even with how much I loved children. Now that I am one of those moms I actually love it. I enjoy watching Ayden as he explores a new place. It really is crazy how thoughts and opinions change once you actually are a parent. I have had a lot of opinions change since Ayden's arrival.

After the reception, Ayden had his afternoon nap on the way home and then we hit up the hot bar at Whole Foods for dinner.

A new favorite...  Who needs baby toys when you have old cat toys lying around?
Since David is out for the night, I took a breather from cooking. I take a lot of pride in all of the effort that I put into planning meals and cooking such wonderful food for my family but it is a big job and it was nice to have the "night off." I brought my dinner home and my friend Whitney came over to hang out because her hubby was working late. Whitney is pregnant with Ayden's betrothed (hehe) so we spent a lot of time talking about birth, breastfeeding, sleep, babies, etc. I loved pregnancy, think labor and birth are amazing/beautiful things, and enjoy being a mommy so much so it was a really nice way to spend the evening. I could probably sit and discuss all of those topics for days to anyone who is interested in listening! I am so excited for our dear friends and I hope we can offer support and a sense of community as they join this wild and crazy club called parenthood.

Ayden got his first bruise tonight while Whitney was here. He was trying to push his Zany Zoo and his hand slipped making his cheek hit the corner of the toy. He cried his REAL cry, the one where he stops breathing for a bit and turns really red, as I scooped him up and soothed him. He immediately had a bruise so it will be interesting to see what it looks like tomorrow. He calmed pretty quickly as we looked at on of his favorite books in an attempt to distract him. Poor baby :(

Testing the bath water.  He LOVES his baths!
Ayden got to bed late but he was so tired that he fell asleep almost immediately. I am going to put him in his crib while I straighten up a few things and then we'll snuggle into bed together for the night. We miss David but we stayed busy enough today to not think about it too much. The bed is always so cold and lonely without him, though, so we'll be so happy to have him back home tomorrow. It's cold out there tonight so I hope he's staying warm!

~ Sarah


  1. I had so much fun! I'm glad you could talk about that stuff forever because I feels the same way (and will have a lot more to add to the conversation once our little one is here)! I'm just glad that I didn't wear you out with the discussion!

  2. I obviously mean "feel" and not "feels".

    1. Haha, I read it as feel the first time. This is why David proof reads every post for me!