Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Shopping

We spent our entire day out of the house, which I suppose is what errand day is all about.

There was frost all over the grass and car when we woke up this morning so I thought it would be the perfect time to make sure Ayden's snow suit (a hand me down from his cousin) would fit for the season.

It fits!  He'll be a little Eskimo :)
After our morning routine I took a shower, got us both ready and we were off! Here is a clip of when he insisted I take a break from getting ready to read (notice how he has scattered my make up all over the bathroom.  I also love how he tries to say book):

 Our first stop was story time and then we went to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and a couple of other local places for the supplies for our Homemade Christmas project.

It was a tiring day but we made it through! David went to an earlier CrossFit class which was so much better because once he was home he was in for the night. No rushing through dinner and having to say goodbye again.

We are going out of town, yet again, this weekend for a baby shower and once we get back we will be able to focus 100% on getting all of our gifts made, wrapped and under the tree. Oh, and we still need to decorate for Christmas too. I am hoping we can make that happen tomorrow night after Ayden goes to bed.

Ayden is asleep and I am ready to snuggle up with David for some much needed couple time! No matter how busy we get it is so important to carve out time for one another.


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