Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Family Fun

We were happy to get Daddy back today! Ayden and I had a lazy morning. We played and snuggled in bed for an hour before getting our day started. He was being so sweet. He'd lay his head on me and stay there for a while. He is becoming so affectionate and we love it! He has also started this head butt thing where he'll crawl up to us and push his forehead against ours with a big smile on his face. It's like his way of saying hi to David or myself and is super cute.

I joined Ayden for his morning nap and David got home soon after we woke up.  David said he stayed warm but didn't sleep well.  Once he got all of his camping gear sorted out and set up the tent to dry in our back yard, we had lunch and then headed to to the park!

We found a new use for his push cart... 
Our little family!

Ayden just LOVES to swing!! 
After going down the slide together.
David was tired since he didn't sleep very well out there in the wilderness but he was glad he joined us at the park because it is always such a good time.  Breathing the fresh air, seeing the smile plastered on Ayden's face and watching him play.  It's also so fun looking around at all of the other children and families having fun.  Everyone has a smile on their face and there is so much laughter.  I think that is why I like carnivals and fairs so much!  I just love being around people while they are having fun :).

When we got home the boys took naps (Ayden's was an hour and a half in his crib!) while I did some laundry and helped David by narrowing down our "keepers" from Ayden's 9 month photo shoot.  The rest of the day was pretty standard.  Pizza stir fry for dinner, a chilly family walk, bath, team kitchen clean up (thank you, David!!), blog writing and soon it's off to bed!  It was a good weekend and I have a lot I plan to accomplish tomorrow.



  1. Glad you had a good weekend! You need to share the pizza stir fry recipe :)

  2. Here it is!