Thursday, November 15, 2012

"What's A Fishy Say?"

Thursday = Storytime and errand day!

Discovered a whole new world today... in the bathtub...
Kept him busy while I got ready so why not? ;)
I am writing this post WHILE I run errands :). I am typing in the Blogger App as I stand, waiting on David's favorite watch to be repaired (I gave it to him for our first Christmas together and he wants it fixed instead of replaced because he wants to pass it down to Ayden someday. Beyond sweet, right?!?). Ayden is asleep in the Snap-N-Go which was the best $11 I've ever spent at a garage sale I might add. Nothing like a peaceful shopping trip to relax and center a gal.

Such a big boy!
The angle of the picture makes his feet look huge!  Haha.
Ayden has gotten to a stage where he blows my mind every single day. I am so in love with this stage and all of the developments/connections he is making and at such a rapid pace! After story time we looked at some of the books in the store. Animal books, pop up books and flap books are his favorite. I think he loves the interaction with books like that. We found a really cute touch and feel pet book and as soon as he saw the fish he started to open and close his mouth like a fish. SOOO cute!!!! He also likes to give cats kisses here is a little clip of the cuteness:

Oh my word I just can't stand it! As it turns out, his blowing at the fish yesterday must have been his fish imitation emerging. He must have been thinking, "I know it has something to do with the mouth..." Anyway, his mood has remained awesome whether he's hungry, tired, etc. His nighttime sleep is hit or miss still but he has been falling asleep quickly and easily for naps as well as bed time. He has even calmed down about diaper changes. Overall things are so great right now that being able to press the pause button would be fun :). I suppose that part of the excitement is never knowing what tomorrow will bring!


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