Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Crumby Day

Ha. This is the only picture I took today...

Sweet Dumpling on the left, Delicata on the right.
During my quest to try all of the different winter squash that Whole Foods has to offer I made Sweet Dumpling and Delicata Squash Chili for my slow cooker Wednesday meal.  David added some cubed venison steak when I was on my way home from teaching dance and it was delicious!  I left out a few of the spicier ingredients but it still ended up being too spicy for Ayden.  I shall leave out the chipotle pepper powder next time as well (along with the jalapeno powder and cayenne powder I had already left out).

Dinner from yesterday did not sit well with neither David nor I last night. We both felt puny and queasy and it was a rough night.  Ayden seemed to make it through without any issues.  We thought it was so strange that he hardly ate any dinner even though he usually loves the particular meal that we were having.  Did he know something we didn't?  Part of Baby Led Weaning is trusting in your baby and the book claims that they have known babies to reject foods that they are sensitive or allergic to.  Did he not eat because something was bad?  David ended up staying home from work today and only felt good when he was lying down and barely had any appetite all day. I felt weak and tired all day too.  I had a bit of an appetite but also a hint of nausea that just wouldn't pass.  It is a shame that we will be throwing out all of our leftovers but we just don't want to chance feeling like this all over again. We both felt crumby all day :(.

Even though I wasn't feeling well, I got up and kept moving.  I knew that if I took the "day off," (if a stay at home mom really could have a day off to begin with) that things would be that much more piled up for tomorrow. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I was hoping to spend the afternoon with her; so in an effort to have the afternoon free I just kept trucking. I did my usual morning routine, ran the vacuum, did a load of diaper laundry, got tonight's dinner in the crockpot and pork chops marinating over night for tomorrow's dinner. I also ran out to Whole Foods to get us salads for a late lunch, since we couldn't eat our leftovers and then went to teach dance. I was super fatigued the whole night but made it through. After the fact, I am glad I pushed through not feeling well but I have to admit, I had a few moments where I wish I could have crawled into bed with David and taken a sick day too. I'd say that the only times I've ever wanted a day off since I've started my job as mommy have been when I was sick. Two bouts of mastitis, a virus and now food poisoning (or whatever it was) since Ayden's birth. David was a big help during all of those episodes but when you are an exclusively breastfeeding mother, there's only so much that Daddy can do. If your baby knows you are in the house there's no fooling them! It is so hard to parent when you are sick but each time I have made it through!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some more exciting things to share, and perhaps pictures of my cute child instead of squash...

~ Sarah

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  1. I hope you guys feel better. I was sick all day too and wish I could have taken the day off! But you're right. Daddy can only do so much when you breastfeed, although my husband was at work lol. And I have my 19 month old as well. Rough day for us all it seems!