Monday, November 12, 2012

Just the Best!

This is by far the best age so far! Ayden's personality is exploding and it seems like a lot of things are clicking. When I read about this leap, the leap of sequences, on my Wonder Weeks app I immediately got excited. During this time babies typically begin to link actions together to reach a goal. After this leap they become little helpers, feed themselves more successfully (looking forward to Ayden realizing he needs to give his spoon to me to refill instead of tossing it over his shoulder every time it's empty), etc. It is amazing what we've seen already and David and I were talking tonight about how much fun is in store for us over the next several weeks.

Last night was much better sleep wise. Ayden and I had a stay home day on this cold and rainy day and it was wonderful. We had a house showing yesterday so the house was already spic and span. I didn't do my hair or make up and though I changed out of my pajamas, it was only to put a warmer set on. I did some laundry and some research and planning for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip (any tips for flying with a 10 month old?). I did a stretch DVD during Ayden's morning nap, made some kale chips, sweet potato fries and some other Paleo-friendly snack food. The rest of our day was spent playing and reading books.

Ayden would sit and listen to books All. Day. Long. He LOVES books! And I love that he loves them. I also caught his progress with turning around to go down the stairs backwards tonight:

It is so cute! I think I love it so much because up until now, he's been working to master skills that are typical milestones. This is something that we have taught him and I am beyond stoked that he is getting it! It is my first taste of knowing that he learned something because of us. So fun!

Though our little boy still has his moments, as all babies do, he seems to be getting more comfortable in his own skin as well as the world around him. He is happy and content most of the time which, if we are honest, we weren't really sure would ever come to be. We are so excited to see what unfolds in the weeks to come.


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