Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ayden had his first Turkey Day today and it was great!

Ha, this was the best one we got...  Such a silly boy!
He got to meet a lot of David's extended family for the first time and he did not disappoint. It took a little while for him to warm up but until that happened he was just quiet and serious. No crying or fussing, just checking the place and people out from the safety of our familiar arms. Once he warmed up, though, there was no stopping the cuteness. He had enough smiles, waves and peek-a-boo for all.

This was also our first Thanksgiving in our Plaeo lifestyle and I have to say, it was pretty awesome to have THREE plate fulls of food without a smidgen of guilt. The meal actually energized us as apposed to making us sleepy and sluggish like Turkey Day carb loading (then crashing) always used to do. There were plenty of traditional Thanksgiving options for everyone else but we just filled our plates with turkey, ham, salad, Brussels sprouts, cranberry relish, asparagus and glazed carrots. Everything was so flavorful and delicious that we didn't feel the least bit deprived. We took some of our dark chocolate for dessert so that base was covered too!

I did end up taking Ayden's afternoon nap with him, but it was just because napping is a Thanksgiving day tradition and he was being so sweet and snuggly.  I was with him for an hour and then slipped away while he slept for ANOTHER hour!  Apparently being in a new place and meeting so many new people can tucker a little boy out!

We ended the evening with a movie.  We went to see The Life Of Pi and Ayden did great!  We decided to loosen up the TV (movie) rules since we are on vacation.  He, of course, was pretty amazed by it at first since he hardly ever sees TV and has never seen a screen that big.  He liked the animals and things but he eventually lost interest.  I went to the side of the theater and bounced Ayden in the Ergo while I watched and he fell asleep.   He slept through the rest of it and we were glad we got to enjoy a movie since it is something we used to love doing!  I had read, and loved, the book years ago and the movie did not disappoint.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you were celebrating today) and that you got the chance to stop and think about what you are grateful for in your life right now.

And now Ayden would like to play a Happy Thanksgiving tune for you all:


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