Monday, November 5, 2012

Code Brown!

Ayden has become such a big boy lately and the mixed feelings I am having about it are crazy!

On one hand I am already missing my "baby" and on the other I am so excited about the little person that he is becoming. David and I sat back and watched him propped up on his knees, with his little feet behind him, taking things out of the trash can in our office, one at a time and we just smiled at each other while we shared a prideful parental moment. And then we had to clean up all the trash because he totally gets the "out" concept but is not quite as interested in "in." We are so fortunate to have such a healthy, smart, funny boy to call our son. He is always so eager to explore and experience the world around and we really love witnessing it all.

He LOVES pushing that cart around the house!!
Ever since Ayden's 9 month check up, we have been giving him more meat at mealtimes per his pediatritian's advice. We are hoping this will help put a little more meat on his bones. When we first introduced solids, Ayden's "messy" diapers changed but they still were never really stinky. This may be gross for some but it kind of smelled like buttered popcorn to us. Well ever since Thursday it has officially transitioned to stinky. I suppose the more meat they eat, the more their poop smells. I know that he is also just getting older and may be breaking food down more efficiently but I don't think it was all coincidence. He seems to be sleeping a bit better too. His doctor agreed that frequent night waking is common in smaller than average babies. They are still developing at the same pace as other children their age but don't have fat stores to support it and have to make up for it somehow. That usually means night feedings and really explains a lot since Ayden has been in very low percentiles since even his 2 month check up. This is yet another reason I am so glad I followed my instinct and gave up on the sleep training. So anyway, even his diapers are a reminder that he is growing up so fast.

Ayden was very laid back and pleasant today. We are still waiting for signs of the stormy period that coincides with a new developmental leap that babies typically make around this time but so far so good! Here is a clip of the fun we had today:

Even his giggles are sounding older!

After Ayden's morning nap we went to Little Miss' family's new pet store because I am doing some organizing in the office there. Ayden was so good and kept himself occupied while I worked for about an hour and a half. Then we checked out all the animals on our way out. It is no surprise that he loves it there!

The rest of the night was pretty mellow. I accidentally skipped lunch today and am paying for it big time with a monster throbbing headache. Early to bed for me I hope!


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