Saturday, November 10, 2012

Opposite Day

I've said it before and I know I'll say it gain but Ayden's current age is so awesome!

Such a little man!
Little boys in overalls are so cute :)
He's starting to do "big boy things" like pretending to drink out of anything that resembles a cup. He's starting to mimic us, for example he'll blow on his food, wave, click his tongue do his squishy face nose blowing thing, etc after we do it. His personality is really coming out and we love it so much!

He made a couple of huge connections today. He's been climbing up the stairs for a while now and we've been working on turning around to climb back down backwards and he actually did it for the first time tonight! We were so proud that he made the connection! David and I both get excited about every milestone and skill that he learns but David's favorite seem to be physical and I get the most stoked about cognitive developments. I was so excited and proud to witness something we've been working on "click." We've been signing with him since he was 5 or 6 months old and I have a feeling he'll be signing back very soon!!

The other development of the day was "in." He discovered the "out" concept a week or two ago and today he figured out the other part while he was playing with a container of blocks at the dance studio. He'd take out a block and then replace and choose another over and over again. I've always thought the "in and out" game is so cute so we have a lot of fun in our future! Here is a clip of him playing with the blocks. He had abandoned the in and out game but they sure kept him busy for a while!

Last night was rough again so I think his current leap (according to The Wonder Weeks) is in full swing. We are already seeing a lot of changes and are looking forward to even more fun that comes with this one.


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  1. So sweet... Random question - how many weeks does your wonder weeks app go up to?