Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On A Roll

Today was pretty fun. Spent the morning as usual: morning routine, plenty books, breakfast, walk, shower, etc.

This boy LOVES his books!
Then we went and had lunch with Daddy.

My mom stopped by after a hair appointment then I straightened up the house (we are trying to maintain after getting it ready for Sunday's showing) and went to Kroger for a few items. I am going I try and start writing my posts during Ayden's afternoon nap (which is happening right now) so that I can free up the evenings for spending time with my honey. We've been craving more time together so we've made a new arrangement that he will do kitchen clean up while I put Ayden to bed and then we'll have us time until we go to bed too. Sounds great to me!

Now I just need to carve out crafting time since we plan on giving everyone home made gifts for Christmas. Pros: I have fun crafting, more personal/meaningful, inexpensive and Cons: take a lot of time... The pros definitely outweigh the cons but that still leaves me with the challenge of staying on top of it all along the way so that I get them all done without having to pull any all nighters or give" I owe yous". We shall see if I am up to the challenge! First I have to finish the baby shower gift for our nephew due in January (to be given over Thanksgiving weekend) and then the Christmas countdown will begin!

Gonna come fast!
(Love the dating site adds that always come with free Apps)
I am actually pretty excited because I've always loved giving home made gifts. :)

I shall end this short little post with videos of a couple of new skills that clicked for Ayden for day.  This boy is on a roll!



  1. Love the videos. My son especially loved watching Ayden push the walker. He kept asking for "mo'" lol

  2. I need Inspirations what are you doing for Christmas gifts?