Friday, November 16, 2012

Ayden's First Dance Competition

Ayden and I took a little road trip of our own today. My dance students are participating in a competition this weekend and I wanted to come support them. In the past, I always made a weekend of it but since Ayden isn't really the most peaceful of room mates, and David would have missed us terribly, I decided to make the 2.5 hour drive up and back all in one day.

We got off to a late start because Ayden took his morning nap late and I needed to go to the grocery but once we were in the car it went great! Ayden fell asleep right away and slept for half the trip. When he woke up he was quiet and content for a while but then got fussy. I was able to hold him off by singing every song in the book over and over but he still lost it for the last 40 minutes or so. Since we've been here he's been a champ! Sweet and smiley and is the talk of the place in his cute hat.

He really likes watching the dancers up on stage too!

The youngest judge there!
We'll be getting home pretty late tonight but I am glad I could be here for my girls! It's already past Ayden's bed time so I am hoping he sleeps all the way home. I'll be changing him into his night time gear soon and letting him fall asleep in the Ergo if he's ready before we leave. Here's hoping for a very peaceful car ride!


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