Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Things

We had such an amazing long weekend together and it has left me feeling full of happiness this evening.  

Having time to take a family nap this morning, before heading out to the airport, started our travels out right.

So cute and snuggly!
We didn't have any delays or major problems at the airport.  We were able to go with the flow and made it home safe and sound.  Ayden was a bit restless during our first flight (until he had an empty cup and a stirring straw to play with) and then on our second flight he was fussy for the half hour we spent on the runway but fell asleep before we were in the air.  He slept for the whole flight and I got to snooze a bit too which was nice.  You can't beat 2 naps in one day.  Ayden was amazing for the entire trip and it makes me happy that Ayden has become a pretty easy going baby after all. 

We came home to this beautiful Kentucky sunset:

You can't look at something this beautiful and not feel happy and at peace!
As we drove home we saw that a lot of people are starting to deck the halls for Christmas which also makes me so happy.  Christmas has always been my favorite time of year so seeing the lights and hearing the music on the radio is just the best!

Outside of Whole Foods where we picked up a quick dinner.
We are ending the night with family time full of hugs and kisses from our Little Love.  Life is good.


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